At the core of SAHE’s vision of social justice is the belief that quality in education must accompany access to education if all of Pakistan’s children are to be given an equal opportunity to reach their potential. SAHE recognizes that the pursuit of such quality necessitates the comprehensive training and retraining of stakeholders across all tiers of the educational system, from teacher trainers to district officials. SAHE has extensive experience in both developing training modules and conducting training in the field, in collaboration with government institutions as well as other independent nonprofit organizations.

If you’re interested in utilizing our services in this field, please contact our Program Coordinator, Mashallah Ali, at [email protected] with queries or a request for our portfolio. Most recently, Mr. Mashallah has been working with UNICEF to build the capabilities of teachers in Southern Punjab to promote greater social cohesion and resilience among children in the region. Mr. Mashallah was also the project coordinator of SAHE’s Community-Based Schools Program, the longest such program of its kind in Pakistan.