Educational Crises And Reform: Perspectives From South Asia (2014)

The promise of universal quality education for all children has remained elusive in South Asia as more than a third of out-of-school children of the world live in the region. Along with dealing with issues related to access South Asian countries must also contend with the pressure to deliver better quality education to all. In order for education reforms to gain momentum, the media, the general populace, and members of the policy-making community need to be more informed about the various dimensions of the educational challenges faced by South Asian societies.

This book attempts to provide a deeper understanding of the various dimensions of the education crises as well as responses to them. The themes explored include access, quality, governance, private sectors, teaching, citizenship, gender, and language. While the book seeks to provide insights into country-specific initiatives, readers of this volume will also be able to help those concerned with and about education to think more clearly about the challenges of education reform in their own particular context.

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Review in DAWN

Editor(s): Abbas Rashid and Irfan Muzaffar
Sponsor(s): Oxford University Press, South Asian Free Media Association