Humsafar Story Books


SAHE has recently embarked on an exciting initiative to develop storybooks as part of its Humsafar series that will look at and celebrate Punjabs local history, geography and culture. At present SAHE has completed two storybooks in the series with the support of the UNICEF Social Cohesion and Resilience (SC&R) program. These have been developed in both Urdu and English. Starting with the south of Punjab, the first of these looks at Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan, while the second of these books explores Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur. The books constitute supplementary reading material for students in grades  8. The objective of the books is to promote pluralism, tolerance and mutual respect. At the core of this initiative is to make better citizens. The books chronicle the journeys of 11-year old Bano and 8-year old Raja who travel with their father Mian Ji, a railway driver, around the country in their summer holidays. Interested in writing a book based on her travels, Bano, with the help of her brother, collects interesting facts about the places being visited. The books are interspersed, therefore, with the siblings notes about the historical sites, landscape, flora and fauna that are found in these places. At present SAHE is working with UNICEF on a strategy, with provincial stakeholders and officials, to publish and disseminate the books within schools in Punjab to both teachers and students. Moving forward, SAHE is planning to write more books as part of the Humsafar series and hopes to cover all thirty-six districts of the Punjab as well as other provinces of the country in these travel diaries.

Duration 2015  2017
Location The two books developed so far focus on districts Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan & Rajanpur in Punjab. They will first be introduced in schools here.
Sponsor UNICEF
Themes Citizenship, Teaching, Curriculum
Project Social Cohesion & Resilience Program



Mashallah Ali, Program Manager [email protected]