Development and dissemination of digital citizenship education content for children Grade-4 to Grade-6

(USIP- 2021-Ongoing)

Under the project, digital content on “Down the Indus” will be developed as a journey undertaken along the river Indus across Pakistan, comprising 5 video clips of, 11 minutes duration. Set in a story format, the protagonists will be children on holiday, accompanied by their parents. Learning about how civilizations formed alongside riverbanks and in valleys all over the world, the children will interact with people of the districts on the banks of the river, explore monuments, crafts, flora and fauna and learn about local histories, myths, music and poetry that seldom find a place in the mainstream narrative. The story format, well developed characters, animation, simple language, music and related means will be employed to make the context as engaging for children as possible. The material for teachers will be developed with a view to help them highlight the embedded messages of tolerance, pluralism and peace.