Study of Multi-grade Teaching (MGT) in Punjab’s Primary Schools adopted by The Citizens Foundation (TCF)


SAHE is carrying out an exploratory research study around government primary schools adapted by The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in 05 districts of Punjab [Narowal, Kasur, Chakwal, Attock and Rawalpindi], where Multi-grade teaching (MGT) is still the practice. The methodological approach incorporates examining the teacher training approach, teacher guides, learning materials, pedagogical practices in the context of MGT. The study reviewed secondary data sources pertaining to 40 primary level schools and following up with 80 interviews of teachers and principals in a school setting. In addition to this, SAHE carried out training observations of principals and teachers organized by TCF in cascade model. Based on preliminary analysis of the data derived from these sources, 20 schools were shortlisted for field visits in next stage to gain insights into and seek effective strategies in the context of MGT by reviewing structural and operational factors at the school level and identifying best practices, which are potentially replicable in schools where MGT is still being practiced.