Over the past few decades, the fieldwork carried out for a number of SAHE’s projects has involved extensive survey activities, ranging from the conduct of diagnostic tests of students for establishing baselines of academic achievement, to the interviews of key stakeholders in communities while carrying out needs analyses. Through such projects, SAHE’s personnel have developed the technical expertise as well as the hands-on experience to design, implement, collate, and analyze surveys for households, schools, companies, and government institutions. SAHE has built a vast database of reliable surveyors across all provinces for large-scale projects.

If you’re interested in utilizing our services in this field, please contact our Research Manager, Muhammad Azhar, at muh.azhar@gmail.com with queries or a request for our portfolio. Most recently, Mr. Azhar led the coordination of survey activities for the forthcoming tracer study that links the type of school attended to employment outcomes (link to spotlight section). He was also the project coordinator for the Voice of Teachers report that entailed detailed qualitative interviews of teachers across Pakistan.