Promising Change Six Case Studies in Whole School Development(2008)[3]

The Strategic Policy Unit (SPU) was set up by the Faisalabad district government in 2002, as a policy think-tank. SPU set up the Institute of Learning (IoL) with the specific aim of material development and teacher training, which followed the Whole School Development model for their training program. This study employs qualitative research methods by using six case studies of successful schools under the Whole School Development program with an agenda to provide inputs for the training component, capacity building of the Department of Education (DoE) and the IoL in research-related activities.

The case studies highlight largely positive changes introduced by the Whole School Development program within the six schools in Faisalabad district. Common improvements were the teacher’s substitution of pedagogical teaching methodologies for more interactive, activity based learning, utilization of teaching kits and supplementary material and an overall change in outlook of the teachers regarding their profession. The study highlights how in successful cases, the trained teachers were not only instrumental in creating an environment conducive to learning but also in engaging the community and local officials, raising funds for their schools, countering gender differentials, increasing enrollment and learning achievements of the students and innovating strategies for better utilization of educational resources and time. The study concludes by looking at the kinds of questions and ideas that the case studies raise, and how they may be generalized to be incorporated in the larger context of education.

Fareeha Zafar
City District Government Faisalabad,GHK,UK Department for International Development