Humshehri Spotlight

Humshehri is an independent educational initiative by SAHE and its Campaign for Quality Education (CQE) that aims to enhance understanding of Pakistan’s history, culture, places and people. Quality education entails not just the development of literacy and numeracy skills but also the development of critical thinking skills and citizenship values. Despite the national curriculum having been revised, textbooks used in classrooms continue to be of poor quality with many texts containing a number of historical inaccuracies and oversights. SAHE and CQE developed the Humshehri website ( to address these gaps by providing access to a range of content on our region’s rich history, geography, culture and personalities. A section on civics has also been added which provides information on government parts and functions, citizenship rights and duties as outlined in the Constitution and Pakistan’s foreign relations. Humshehri also seeks to show teachers and students that a range of sources can be consulted for information apart from textbooks- these include articles, blogs, newspaper reports, websites, videos and maps. A key feature of the website is an interactive historical timeline that traces the main events witnessed by this region starting in 200 million BC up until partition in 1947.

The website targets middle and secondary school students but can be used by teachers as well to build curricular knowledge. Thus far, the website has been positively reviewed by both stakeholders. The content on the website is continually being added to. In addition, users have an option to view the content in Urdu as well to increase accessibility.


 Duration  2013- present
 Sponsor  Open Society Foundations (OSF)
 Themes  Citizenship; Curriculum
 Type  Project (Humshehri)



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