Lahore-Tales without end [2006][3]

This book is a compilation of articles by columnist Majid Sheikh on the ancient city of Lahore. It delves into the city’s past and the legends, myths and folklore associated with it. It explores Lahore’s vast and captivating heritage and is an ode to Lahore and its people. The book seeks to celebrate the cultural, ethnic and religious plurality of the city.

This book contains tales of different places, spaces and people that have occupied the city including the Walled City, the Lahore Darbar, the river Ravi, the Rajputs, the Mughals and the British. It investigates the occasions on which Lahore was ravaged by various invaders and famines and how it bounced back each time. It reflects on Lahore’s colorful past and celebrates a city that not only occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of its denizens but also in the hearts and minds of other citizens of the country, the subcontinent and beyond.

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Book author(s):
Majid Sheikh
Book sponsor(s):Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE); Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF)